Pure Organic Solution

Pure Organic Solution

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Nola Tan offers top of the line products for your spray tan. You won’t to worry about harmful chemicals with this tanning salon. Nola Tan offers organic tanning solutions that make your spray tan look great. Natural tanning solutions allow Nola Tan to match your skin tone perfectly, making your custom tan look great! Pure organic tanning solutions are available for anyone looking for the best natural and organic beauty products.

Do you have sensitive skin? Pure organic solution offered by Nola Tan is the perfect way to take care of your skin while getting the perfect glow. You won’t need to miss out on your tan this year with our spray tanning solutions. You can get your natural glow and take care of your skin.

Here are a few benefits of pure organic tanning solution:

● Natural Results - Using organic tanning solution allows Nola Tan to get more natural results, finding the perfect shade to match your skin tone.

● Get Healthier Skin - Chemicals in non-natural tanning solutions may dry your skin out, but with pure organic tanning solutions your skin will look and feel healthy!

● Soothe Sensitive Skin - Natural organic solutions are perfect for making your sensitive skin look great. The ingredients also make your skin feel healthy!

● Discover the Power of Natural Ingredients - If you’ve been using harsh chemicals for tanning or cosmetics, come to Nola Tan and lets us show you how amazing pure organic products can make your skin feel.

Get started with your natural looking tan today! Ask for pure organic solution and learn the powerful affects natural ingredients can have on your skin. Let Nola tan get you looking and feeling your best!

Nola Tan is the one stop you need to make for your tanning needs in New Orleans, LA. Call to make your appointment for your natural, organic spray tan!

Text inquiries will receive a confirmation message for your visit with Nola Tan with pricing, directions, as well as how to prepare and care for your tan! See an example on the Pricing and More Info Tab. Texted inquiries will also receive a faster response as during an appointment I am unable to answer a call.